Frequently asked questions

WeGoSTEM is an interesting initiative. How can I help?

You can help us in two ways.

To coach a STEM activity in a school as a coach, you can leave your name here. We will then contact you soon.

To make a contribution as a company, there are many different ways. View our support page.

Which schools are participating?

From September onwards, we select the schools. We aim for a target group, as diverse as possible. in any case we give priority to schools with many children from disadvantaged groups. We want to reach schools from both urban and non-urban environments. Schools that did not have the opportunity to participate in a WeGoSTEM workshop last year will be given priority.

Why do I have to register as a volunteer on the website before I can subscribe?

We need some basic information about yourself. These are contact details and your t-shirt size / color (every volunteer gets a t-shirt to wear during the workshop).

Your registration has the advantage that when you log on, you can request and change all data (your profile, workshop, …).

I was a volunteer last year. Do I have to follow the training again?

Yes. We are working hard to make the workshop even better than last year. The workshop will therefore not be completely the same. A few things have also changed on the practical side. We like to use the training to give you lessons learned from last year.

I can not register for a training. Is that normal?

Yes. The training dates are not yet known. As soon as they are known, everyone who is already registered for a workshop will receive a message.

We provide at least one training in each province on an evening during the week and during the weekend. You will be able to follow a training in the second half of August or in September.

With whom do I give the workshop together?

You give the workshop together with two other volunteers. When you register in the registration tool you can see if the other volunteers of your workshop are already known. At the end of the registration period, you will also find details of your two co-volunteers in the tool.

Can we register together with two or three volunteers?

Yes, only the registration tool does not allow this yet. If you would like to subscribe per two or three, we ask you to register everyone, so that all members are known in the system. Then you can send us an e-mail (via the contact form) and provide us with the desired region, data and volunteers. We will then ensure that you are together in one group.

Which school do I have to volunteer for?

You can check via the registration tool, after you have logged on, if the details of the school are already known for your workshop. However, this will be the case at the earliest in September, as the schools will only register then.

Which STEM activity do the children do in the classroom?

The children will build and program a drawing robot themselves in groups of two.

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