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7.500 children in Belgium discover their talents for science

In 2017, Dwengo vzw and SheGoesICT launched the WeGoSTEM project. With WeGoSTEM, we annually give thousands of pupils from the 5th and 6th grade the chance to discover their talent for science and technology in a creative way. Regardless of their field of study, we make them enthusiastic about STEM by having them build and program a drawing robot themselves. In addition, students are helped not only by their own teacher, but also by passionate volunteers from the business world.

The first editions were a great success and reached more than 10.000 children in total. In 2019 we go even further. This year, we dream of reaching 7.500 children in Belgium alone! Will you help us reach our goal?

Watch the WeGoSTEM 2017 video.


Societal impact

Inclusive approach

Dwengo vzw and SheGoesICT have chosen for an inclusive approach. Target group are boys & girls in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. We want to be active in major cities as well as in small villages. Priority is for schools with a lot of unprivileged children. Since 2018 we also target unprivileged children outside of Belgium.

European CodeWeek

WeGoSTEM is an initiative in the European CodeWeek from 5 to 20 October 2019. Dwengo and SheGoesICT want to reach in Belgium and abroad in total 10.000 children. This helps for the European goal for the CodeWeek of more than 1 million!

Together with a lot of volunteers

WeGoSTEM can only succeed thanks to the many volunteers who are willing to support this project of Dwengo vzw and SheGoesICT. Are you also passioned about science and technology? Do you want to inspire children of the 5th and 6th grade? Enter your contact details and join our team!

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WeGoSTEM is an initiative by Dwengo and SheGoesICT, supported by a lot of volunteers. Dwengo founders Francis Wyffels and Peter Bertels joint forces for WeGoSTEM with ICT ladies Laurence Schuurman (CapGemini, Young ICT Lady 2018), Valerie Taerwe (AE, Young ICT Lady 2017), Nele Van Beveren (KBC), Laura Monten (Colruyt Group) and Liesbet Wouters (NXP).
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