We need you!

Do you want to inspire pupils for science and technology during the CodeWeek between 8 and 26 October, for 1 day?

We invite you to give a WeGoSTEM workshop in a school in your neighbourhood together with two other volunteers.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers

We need more than 700 volunteers. Top qualities: enthusiasm and eagerness to give a workshop. Diplomas or specific technical skills are not required. After a short training, everyone can give a WeGoSTEM workshop. The only things you need are passion and enthusiasm. Do you like science and technology? Do you want to inspire students from the 5th and 6th grade? Then you are the woman or man we are looking for!

Our volunteers are our heroes!

WeGoSTEM volunteers hardly need to prepare anything. We take care of everything. We have carefully prepared and tested the workshop and we ensure that all the material is present to make it an interesting and super-fun STEM moment for the children.

We organise several information sessions to prepare you for your task for CodeWeek. Either an evening or a Saturday morning or afternoon. In 3 hours time, you get all the necessary info. Moreover, during the information session you will also get to know the colleagues who will give you the workshop together with you. (data we will publish later)

Waarom meedoen met WeGoSTEM?

As a WeGoSTEM volunteer you help the students discover their passion for science and technology. Thanks to you, they will be able to build their own drawing robot. The enthusiasm of the pupils and their teachers is incredibly rewarding for our volunteers! Moreover, your commitment can leave a lasting impact on students, teachers and the school.
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